Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. I currently accept only PayPal.


Q. Why do invitations come as a digital file, instead of printed cards?

A. Selecting invitations can be very personal. Choices such as font, paper weight, & paper color should be your own.


Q. How will the digital file be formatted?

A. You'll receive the file on a data disc, as a TIFF, JPEG, and PNG, 300 ppi.

The PNG file will contain isolated artwork on a transparent background.


Q. How long before I receive my painting?

A. You'll receive an ETA when you receive your quote.

Typically 2-4 weeks. I ship via USPS.


Q. Do you accept international commisions?

A. Yup! International shipping costs will be built into the cost of the commission.


Q. What is your process?

A. Click here to see a video of the process.

( It's not exactly my best work ... it was difficult to get angles while keeping the paper in frame! )


Q. How much does a painting cost?

A. It varies, but typically between $125 - $225 for paintings, $20 for cards, and $50-$70 for invitations.

Price is based on the size of the painting and the complexity of your vision!


Q. What materials do you use?

A. I use Arches watercolor block, FW acrylic artist's ink, and Decocolor paint pen.


Q. Why is your recommended color palette so limited?

A. Recommended colors look bright and lovely, without concealing the black shading underneath.

Many inks are too saturated or too opaque for this style of painting.


Q. What happens if I don't like my finished painting?

A. When your painting is complete, I will send you a watermarked photo via email.

If you're pleased with the painting, you'll authorize a payment via PAYPAL.

When I receive your payment, I will ship your painting.

(Please note that no 'edits' can be made.)

Also, you can get a pretty good idea what style of painting you'll receive by checking out the 'Gallery'.

If you're not fond of those paintings, you may want to choose another artist :)


* * *


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